Happy Tuesday!

With Emmerdale having cast Mount Pleasant actor, Asan N’Jie as Jessie’s son next week, we will get to see Jessie’s son Ellis finally arrive in the Dales, but why? Is there a family secret that we know nothing about or does Ellis just miss his mum? Or could there be a deeper side to Jessie we know nothing about?

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The first time, the viewers will get to meet Ellis is when Matty spots him in The Woolpack flirting with some girls at the bar when Matty goes over to confront him, but when Ellis mocks Matty, Matty soon steels him into a fight.

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When he is alone with his mum, Jessie at Marlon’s place will she have told him about her relationship with Marlon and will he be ok with her moving on into a new relationship?

But as Ellis is then seen visiting his mum, Jessie – will he decide to make his visit more permanent?