Ever since Billy Mitchell split up with Honey he has remained determined to win her back, but Honey has started falling for dentist Adam Bateman not that this has stopped his meddling.

On Thursday, Billy sees an opportunity to meddle in Honey’s love life but when he realises his plan has failed.  Honey warns Billy she won’t let him spoil the lovely day she’s had with Adam.

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Later a jealous Billy watches on as Adam gifts Honey a book from his trip and later at work, Mel advises Billy to let go or get his heart broken.

Jay senses something is bothering Honey and when Billy finds Honey researching on her laptop, she admits Adam gave her a book about art and is worried Adam will think she’s stupid.

When Billy shares some kind words with Honey it leaves her making a bold decision.

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Will Billy and Honey reunite?

EastEnders air these episodes on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October on BBC