You might be surprised that James would actually care about who killed his abusive father Mac, but with the finger of suspicion pointing at his son Romeo he is determined to track down the culprit.

Romeo and James figure whoever killed Mac must’ve poisoned James too, a conversation that Breda overhears. A panicked Breda plants a vial of poison in the coat hanging on James’ chair, but as they get up she realises it was Romeo’s coat. The police turn up and search them both, and find the vial in Romeo’s pocket.

Later Romeo is out on bail, and with evidence stacking up against him for Mac’s murder, James decides that he must flee the country. Juliet is heartbroken when she sees Romeo leaving, and knows the only way to get him to stay is it tell him that Lily is in hospital.

Lily is recovering in hospital and is sharing a room with another girl, Imogen. Peri and Yazz put their differences aside to go visit her. Prince finds out about Lily’s relapse from Yazz and Peri, and he wants to go see her.

Lily can’t stop hearing a buzzing from the light and as she stands on her bed and starts banging it, Imogen tries to calm her down. Romeo turns up, and tells Lily he must leave, and she is devastated but as Romeo’s leaving the hospital a hand taps him on the shoulder, he turns around and it’s Lily. She wants to go with him.

Diane gets a call from the hospital and discovers Lily has gone. Diane storms over to James’ flat to find Romeo.

All the while, Romeo and Lily are hiding in the village.

Diane rushes into The Dog to see if Prince has heard from either Romeo or Lily. He is furious once he finds out they’re on the run and agrees to help find them.

At the hospital, a doctor tells Farrah that Lily’s blood test results are back, and her wounds are infected, she has sepsis.

With Romeo and Lily waiting for the train, and Diane, Prince and Tony desperately trying to find her.

Meanwhile, Diane is in horror as Farrah tells her that Lily has sepsis which is spreading to her organs. Peri and Yazz are horrified to discover this, and they both reveal to Diane where she is…but it’s too late.

As news of Lily’s death spreads around the village everyone is grief-stricken.