Finn is back, baby drama for Mercedes and Brooke and Laurie is buried. the week ahead in Hollyoaks is filled with drama.

1, Joel gives Luke some man to man advice and tells him if he wants Mandy back he has to up his game.

2, James must face up to the fact that Harry isn’t coming back, and a little bit of help from Marnie and Romeo should do it.

3, The truth about Grace’s accident could come out when Sylver drags Liam into The Dog carpark and wants answers.

4, Mercedes is pregnant but the big question is Who is the daddy?

5, Unaware they are being followed by the police Jonny and Stuart plan for something big and let Ste into the ‘inner circle’

6, Laurie is buried and on his way to hell, it gives Sinead a chance to celebrate one less rapist in the world.

7, Finn returns home to Hollyoaks and surprises Diane. She offers him money to stay in a b&b because she hasn’t told Sinead that he’s coming back.

These episodes from Monday 9th September on Channel 4 at 6.30