GARY CROSSES A LINE Ryan gets a DJ job in a hotel but Gary’s furious to learn that Ryan’s cashing in while still owing him hundreds and he smashes up a cabinet in his shop with a metal poker. Gary corners Ryan in an alleyway behind the hotel and demands his cash. Ryan admits he lied to Robert to get out of working; it’s an unpaid gig so he can’t pay. His anger boiling over, Gary starts attacking Ryan.

MAX IS MIXING THINGS UP Audrey looks after Max in the salon for the day. He overhears her telling Bethany she wouldn’t blame Shona for packing her bags and leaving. Cathy’s annoyed when Audrey messes up the dye on her hair. Audrey realises Max tampered with the mixture and marches him back to Shona.

MICHAEL CONFRONTS JAMES ABOUT BETHANY Michael reveals to James he overheard his conversation with Bethany last night. Reminding James that he loves him, Michael asks outright if he’s gay.

ELSEWHERE Fiz sets up a meeting to discuss Hope’s appeal. Ken’s concerned to hear of Daniel’s behaviour at the Baileys’ party and worries he’s not coping. He’s grateful when Claudia agrees that they can shorten their trip to Venice so that Ken can be around for his son.


GARY MAKES IT CLEAR HE’S IN CHARGE His face battered, Ryan can only get £200 and begs Gary to accept that for now. In a bid to explain Ryan’s injuries, Ryan staggers into the Rovers, claiming he was mugged, with Gary propping him up. Outside, Gary makes it clear to Derek the same will happen to him if he doesn’t get far away from Izzy. Adam’s private detective observes the row from his car, while scrolling through photos on his phone of Gary beating up Ryan.

JAMES IS RELIEVED TO FINALLY OPEN UP TO MICHAEL James opens up to Michael about his secret gay life with his friends in London. Michael’s shocked to discover that Aggie has known the truth for years and Aggie declares that, since Michael’s found out, it’s not fair to keep Ed in the dark. James is reluctant to come out to his dad. Bethany joins the Baileys for the Rovers’ pub quiz and Ed sings her praises, making them all feel awkward for deceiving him.

SHONA HIDES THE TRUTH FROM DAVID On Audrey’s advice, Shona takes Max to visit David so that he can scold him David expresses relief that Max has settled down so Shona keeps quiet. Cathy arrives in the pub in a bobble hat, removing it to reveal hideous black roots. Audrey confesses to Claudia that Max was responsible. Cathy agrees to let Audrey fix it.

ELSEWHERE Hope struggles to add up her Scrabble score and Fiz and Tyrone realise her maths still needs work. Dev’s confused when Asha isn’t interested in auditioning for the school musical, saying she has no desire to get up on stage.


ADAM AND IMRAN JOIN FORCES AGAINST GARY Adam learns it was Gary who attacked Ryan and confides in Imran. Adam and Imran confront Ryan but he flatly denies it, sticking to the story that he was mugged. Ryan informs Gary that Adam’s had a private detective tailing him and outside the furniture shop, Gary clocks the detective in his car and his expression darkens.

MAX CLAIMS HE’S HAD A ROUGH DEAL FROM THE POLICE Billy informs Shona that Summer phoned from school to report that Max tried to sell her his ADHD medication. Shona dreads the inevitable confrontation but tackles Max about him selling pills at school.

CHESNEY AND GEMMA ARE DEALT A BLOW AT THE SCAN Chesney and Gemma attend their latest scan. They discover that one of the babies is smaller than the rest so future scans will be weekly rather than fortnightly. Despite being told not to worry, Gemma and Chesney can’t help fretting.

ELSEWHERE Evelyn’s nonplussed when Fiz receives a birthday card from Jade, Hope’s former teaching assistant in Birmingham. Tyrone arrives home with Roy in tow, having enlisted him to teach Hope maths. Evelyn challenges Roy to a test. Asha’s alarmed as Amy reveals she’s put her name down for the musical auditions.


BRIBERY IS AS EASY AS PI FOR GARY Adam orders the private detective to send the photos of Gary beating up Ryan. In the Rovers, Adam announces he has photos of Gary attacking Ryan.

SHONA LEARNS FROM HER PAST After visiting the headmaster, Shona tells Leanne that Max has been suspended. Leanne tells Shona the time has come for her to be honest with David.

KEL LEAVES PAUL IN TURMOIL Gemma goes to the Rovers with Bernie, Kel, Rita and Chesney. Paul directs snide remarks at Bernie but retreats, feeling guilty, when he hears the news about Gemma. Kel collars Paul in the gents’ and urges him to move on from the past but Paul can’t pretend nothing happened.

ELSEWHERE Amy calls at No.7 to practise for the auditions and is puzzled by Asha’s baggy clothes. As Asha sings her audition song, Amy’s horrified to see blood seeping through the sleeve of her top. Fiz catches Hope in the back yard with a box of matches. Alarmed, Fiz hides it from Tyrone.

FRIDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER – 1hr episode

PAUL CAN’T ESCAPE MEMORIES OF THE PAST Paul flies off the handle at Billy in the cafe, arguing that although he had underage sex, he gave full consent. Billy retorts that, at fourteen, he was too young to consent. Paul storms off. Billy’s horrified to see Kel bringing Joseph home from school in his car so invites Joseph to join him and Summer for tea. Paul’s on the verge of opening up when Bernie interrupts. Later, Billy’s puzzled to see Paul in the Rovers playing happy families with Bernie, Kel, Gemma and Chesney. When Bernie hands around old photos, it dawns on Paul how young he really was in comparison to adult Kel. Billy tracks down a shocked Paul to Victoria Street. As he knocks back vodka, Paul admits all sorts of things he’s been blocking out are flooding back. Billy explains he was groomed and abused but Paul insists he loved Kel. As Paul breaks down, Billy’s rocked by the depth of his denial.

FIZ IS PUT ON THE SPOT Gary offers Fiz a job at his furniture shop after hearing of her and Tyrone’s money woes. Fiz is flattered but regrets she has to stay at home to teach Hope. Fiz goes to the pub and furtively answers her mobile, telling the caller she needs and misses them. Entering the Rovers, Tyrone overhears and demands to know who she’s talking to.

AMY FORCES ASHA INTO A CONFESSION Asha performs well at her school singing audition. But when the drama teacher hands out sleeveless dresses for the dance trials, Asha panics and flees. Realising Amy thinks she’s self-harming, Asha confesses she’s had a bad reaction to a cream she’s using to lighten the colour of her skin. Amy threatens to snitch to Dev if Asha doesn’t stop using the cream.

ELSEWHERE Imran points out the parallel to Rick going missing after dealings with Gary. Shona visits David again and is incensed to learn of Max’s suspension and rows with Shona for keeping secrets from him. David phones Shona to apologise, saying he’d be lost without her. Leanne gives Max a pep talk. Izzy receives a call from Derek to say he’s returned to his wife.