Monday 23rd September

Stuart asks Ian for help in preparing a meal for Rainie to celebrate their six week anniversary but when he refuses to help, he turns to Callum and uses the parlour.

Tuesday 24th September

Louise and Keanu are taken aback by Ben’s generous behaviour and later at The Arches, Keanu and Ben discuss parenthood. The two are interrupted however when a man, Jason, arrives to see through a job Phil has arranged.

Wanting to impress, Ben tells Jason he’s able to get him a fancy car for a good deal… Meanwhile, Jean struggles with Ben being in the Square leaving Ben to contemplate his actions.

Thursday 26th September

Stuart goes to drastic lengths to help Rainie who is struggling with withdrawal symptoms but when the situation disturbs customers in the funeral parlour, Callum rushes to find Stuart and insists he comes up with another idea. As Stuart explains his actions, Callum is stunned to learn that Stuart is a recovering addict, leaving Callum to go and compromise with Jay.

Ben enlists Jay’s help on a job but Jay gets more than he bargained for when he returns with a swollen lip.

Friday 27th September

Callum shares his concerns about Rainie to Stuart but his mind turns elsewhere when Whitney returns to collect the rest of her belongings. As the two have a heart-to-heart, Callum is taken aback when Whitney drops a bombshell.

Struggling to process the news, Callum gets drunk in The Vic but when Jay steps in to help, his plan backfires and Callum rushes over to the Mitchell’s where he confronts Ben and blames him for what happened.

Ben meets with a friend, Tubbs, and asks him for help on his new money-making scheme….

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