MONDAY 21ST OCTOBER – 1st Episode

DAVID PREDICTS A RIOT As a riot breaks out in the prison. David retreats to his cell. Abe drags a terrified Josh into David’s cell and handing David the scissors, tells him to do his worst. What will David do? Back on the street Max visits Shona, to her delight, and voices that he’s worried about Marion’s proposed plan. Shona assures him that won’t happen. Adam calls a meeting with Shona, Sarah and Marion in the hope to resolve their issues.

CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY FOR SINEAD Leaving Sinead with the palliative care nurse, Daniel nips out for milk. He’s taken aback to clock Kirk, Beth and Craig in festive jumpers. Daniel’s horrified and insists she’s far too ill for their surprise Christmas but having followed Daniel out Sinead insists it’s the best idea ever. Daniel, Sinead, Ken, Tracy, Beth, Kirk and Craig sit down to Christmas lunch. Despite her obvious pain, Sinead’s determined to enjoy herself but Daniel’s over protectiveness causes some friction.

MONDAY 21ST OCTOBER – 2nd Episode

DAVID FACES HIS BIGGEST TEST David tells Abe that he wants to deal with Josh alone. With help from Abe and Tez, David drags Josh to the top of the staircase At home the family watch in horror as the prison riot unfolds on the news. David rings Shona to tell her that that Josh has been stabbed and she needs to find him a lawyer. Has David attacked Josh?

Max tells a relieved Shona he’s sorry for his behaviour and he wants to be part of the family again. Max explains to Shona that he wants to return home to which Marion reluctantly agrees.

DANIEL CROSSES A LINE Sinead assures the family that Daniel will come home when he’s calmed down in a bid for everyone to enjoy Christmas as much as possible. Bethany finds Daniel sobbing in the ginnel. Daniel breaks down in Bethany’s arms, wishing he could change the circumstances . Bethany embraces him. Ken sees and angrily orders Daniel to go home to his dying wife whilst Bethany heads off in tears.


DANIEL’S OVERCOME WITH REMORSE Bethany is distraught with her actions and admits to Audrey that she’s in love with Daniel and she blames herself for taking advantage of him when he was clearly in turmoil. At the flat Sinead reaches for her notebook only to find that it’s Bethany’s notebook which she left behind. Sinead opens it and starts reading. Daniel returns home and Sinead reveals that she’s read Bethany’s short story and it’s clear she’s in love with him. Daniel tries to deny there’s any truth in it but Sinead suspects he’s lying. Sinead begs Daniel to be honest with her.

SHONA DOUBTS DAVID’S STORY David denies any involvement with Josh’ attack. David swears to Shona that the assault on Josh had nothing to do with him. A horrified Max shows Shona a video that someone’s sent him of the prison riot. The video clearly shows Josh collapsing from a stab wound and David nearby. Shona reels.


DANIEL HITS SELF DESTRUCT Daniel and Bethany are in turmoil about their shared moment. Daniel swears to Sinead that it meant nothing but she can’t look at him. A furious Craig bundles him out of the door. Beth hurries up to the flat to check on Sinead. Having been summoned by Beth, Dr Gaddas tends to Sinead and assures her that whatever has happened with Daniel, she’s deeply loved and Bertie needs her. An angry Craig confronts Bethany and tells her he’s disgusted with her behaviour. Adam finds Daniel in the ginnel, drunk and in self destruct mode. Peter and Carla return from Italy and call at No.1 with a present for Ken. They’re interrupted by a clearly worried Adam who tells them about Daniel’s state of mind.

SHONA REELS FROM MAX’S REVELATION Max recognises Josh in the video and wonders if it was David who attacked him. Sarah and Shona secretly wonder the same thing. Marion collects Max to spend the afternoon with him. David calls Shona from prison. He’s horrified to hear that Max has seen the video but swears that he had nothing to do with the attack on Josh. Shona’s unsure what to believe.

ELSEWHERE Imran visits David in prison and tells him about the video which is doing the rounds and clearly implicates him in Josh’s stabbing. David swears he wasn’t to blame.


SINEAD PLANS A FUTURE SHE WON’T SEE Sinead wakes up and remembering her row with Daniel, realises with heavy heart that he’s not there. With Beth’s help, Sinead records some messages on Daniel’s laptop for Bertie, determined that he should know just how much she loved him. Tracy calls at the flat says that Bertie’s going to need his Dad and when all’s said and done, Daniel loves them both with all his heart. Tracy’s words resonate with Sinead. Daniel returns home an emotional wreck to be told Sinead wants to see him. Sinead talks candidly about her death and tells Daniel she needs to know she can trust him and that he’ll be there for Bertie when she’s gone. A contrite Daniel assures her he will.


DANIEL MAKES A LAST STAND FOR SINEAD Sinead urges Daniel to stop punishing himself and smiles at him lovingly. Daniel’s deeply moved to know she’s forgiven him. In a bid to appear positive, Sinead asks Daniel to fetch her some flowers with a lovely scent so she can imagine she’s outside.

As the day progresses Sinead makes plans with Billy for her funeral. Dr Gaddas calls on Sinead and asserts that it’s too late to move her to the hospice in her fragile state. Daniel reels and Sinead realises it’s time to start saying her goodbyes. Beth confides in Tracy how she can’t help but feel angry with Daniel. Sinead wakes up to find her family gathered around her bed. She takes comfort from listening to them bicker over inconsequential nonsense. With the family gone, Sinead squeezes Daniel’s hand, aware her time is running out.

ELSEWHERE Gail returns from Thailand to find Tracy and Sally tearing a strip off Bethany. A tearful Bethany launches herself at Gail, clearly upset. Gail steers Bethany back to No.8 and parking herself on the carpet, assures her that yoga is the way forward and she needs to find herself again. Bethany’s bemused.

DANIEL IS WITH SINEAD UNTIL THE END Sinead passes away peacefully with Daniel and Bertie on the bed with her. Daniel lies down next to her and cries silent tears as he holds her knowing he and Bertie will have to get used to life without her. ELSEWHERE The Tinkers and the Barlows gather in the Rovers and wait nervously for news of Sinead. As the Tinkers and Barlows share fond and amusing stories of Sinead, Beth takes a call from Daniel to inform them that she has died.