MONDAY 20TH JANUARY – 1st episode

TYRONE CATCHES JADE HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE Jade finds Hope in the backyard and tells her to keep checking her phone as she’s planning an adventure and will be in touch. Tyrone and Evelyn are shocked when Ruby reveals that Jade put the bruises on Hope’s arm with makeup. Realising that Jade took Hope to see Dr Gaddas two days later and therefore she would have seen her bruises if there were any, Christine confirms this with Dr Gaddas. Meanwhile as Hope and Ruby fight over a toy handbag a mobile phone falls out. Scrolling through the messages Tyrone realises with horror that Jade must have given Hope the phone. Reading a message promising Hope they’ll be together soon, Tyrone and Evelyn stare at each other in shock.

BERNIE AND PAUL HAVE A DILEMMA ON THEIR HANDS Billy urges Paul to accept that Kel may never be punished for his crimes and to move on with his life.

DAVID’S IN FOR THE LONG HAUL David tells Nick that they’re moving Shona to a specialist unit in Leeds but he still intends to visit every day.

ELSEWHERE When Abi’s late for work after a night out with Ray a jealous Kevin tells her she can manage by herself for the rest of the day and storms out. In the bistro, Ray compliments Bethany on her handling of some tricky staff issues. Bethany secretly hopes he’ll give her the manager’s job. As an exhausted Gemma takes a nap with the quads, someone pushes a burning rag through the letterbox and a fire quickly takes hold.

MONDAY 20TH JANUARY 2020 – 2nd episode

TYRONE PINS HIS HOPE ON THE TRUTH Hope finally breaks her silence and tells Christine that Jade applied the bruises to her arm and told her to say that Mummy did them. Christine questions Jade but she sticks to her story, accusing Fiz of abusing her daughter. Fiz returns home, all accusations dropped but while Ruby launches herself at Mummy, Hope refuses to make eye contact. When Fiz states that Jade will never set foot in their house again, a furious Hope dashes upstairs, secretly calls Jade and asking if they can still go away together. Hope lies in bed wide awake and fully dressed!

PAUL FACES HIS DEMONS Chesney arrives home to find ‘paedo’ daubed on the window and flames licking at the door. Abi rushes over from the garage with a fire extinguisher as Gemma appears at the top of the stairs realising they’ve had a lucky escape. As Gemma and the quads are taken to hospital to get checked out Chesney lets rip at Paul and Bernie for bringing trouble to their door.

DAVID AND SHONA SET OFF ON A LONG ROAD David explains to Max that with Shona being moved to Leeds, he’ll need to spend a couple of nights a week at Marion’s. Max puts on a brave face.

ELSEWHERE When Kevin makes a snide remark about her landing herself a sugar daddy, Abi takes offense and storms out. Tim despairs.

WEDNESDAY 22ND JANUARY – 1st episode

THE DOBBS LOSE HOPE Tyrone and Fiz are horrified to discover the back door unlocked and Hope gone. Fiz reckons Jade must have taken her. The police search Jade’s house but there’s no sign of her and Jade insists she knows nothing about Hope’s disappearance. Reminded of her John Stape hell Fiz is convinced Jade is keeping Hope a prisoner in her attic. Breaking into Jade’s house she finds no sign of Hope but does discover a bag containing clothes, passports and one way ferry tickets to France. Has Fiz lost Hope for good?

TIM’S THWARTED BY CHARLIE’S DEMANDS Tim’s shocked to find Charlie on his doorstep. Charlie explains that she’s lost both her jobs, is completely skint and he can forget about the divorce as she can’t afford the legal fees. Intimating she’s entitled to half his wealth, Tim’s thrown into panic.

RAY MANAGES TO UPSET BETHANY Bethany’s convinced she’s going to get the manager’s job at the bistro so is gutted when Alya reveals that Ray has made her the new manager.

ELSEWHERE At the hospital the police reveal they’ll be stationing a car outside No.5 twenty four hours a day in case of further attacks. Chesney and Gemma are horrified whilst Bernie and Paul are awash with guilt. Maria attends her 12 week scan and is relieved to hear the baby is doing well.

WEDNESDAY 22ND JANUARY – 2nd episode

FIZ GOES TOO FAR IN HER SEARCH FOR HOPE Fiz shows the police the passports and ferry tickets, convinced Jade has abducted Hope. Back at the house Fiz finds Jade there without Hope, assuming the worst she picks up a chopping board and hits her over the head with it. Tyrone walks in to find Jade out cold on the floor and Fiz standing over her.

BETHANY SEES A NEW SIDE TO RAY Ray explains to Bethany that he chose Alya over her because of her experience and offers Bethany the job of Head Waitress. Bethany’s underwhelmed, confiding in Carla that she finds Ray a bit sleazy. Carla tells her how Ray came onto Michelle and then made her sign a gagging order. Bethany’s appalled.

TIM’S FORCED TO GO BEGGING Charlie returns to No.4 with her bags and explains she’s been evicted. Tim’s horrified as he’s forced to tell Abi that Charlie is his wife and he doesn’t know how to get rid of her. Tim calls at Kevin’s with some beers, however when it becomes clear that Tim is simply after a loan to get shut of Charlie, Kevin chucks him out.

ELSEWHERE Scared to go home in case of a repeat attack, Gemma’s chuffed when Freshco offer to put them up in a hotel. Gemma urges Paul to put his ordeal with Kel behind him for everyone’s sake. As Maria and Gary proudly show off their scan photo, Sarah and Adam make snide remarks.

FRIDAY 24th JANUARY 2020 – 1st episode

JADE DOES A DISAPPEARING ACT Fiz is mortified, but as they discuss what to do they’re gobsmacked to discover Jade has disappeared, leaving only a blood stain on the carpet. As they fret over her going to the police, Yasmeen finds Jade lying unconscious in the ginnel. The police call at No.9 and explain they want to question Fiz about an assault on Jade Rowan.

TIM HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO Charlie makes it clear she wants £5k before she’ll sign any divorce papers. When Charlie reveals to Faye that she’s her stepmum, Faye’s shocked and Tim is forced to explains he’s an accidental bigamist and Charlie mustn’t find out that he’s married to Sally as she could report him. Faye agrees to help him in return for £100.

BETHANY NEEDS A CAREER CHANGE Bethany tells Alya how Ray tried it on with Michelle and is a sleazeball. Leaping to Ray’s defence, Alya orders Bethany to go home and consider her position. Bethany discusses career options with Daniel but she’s shocked when he suggests she might be best to leave Weatherfield altogether.

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Emma shames Steve and Kevin into helping Tim to find the £5k he needs. When Bernie pins a photo of Kel to the dart board, Paul’s horrified and Billy quickly removes it. Sarah buries the hatchet with Maria and assures her that she’s only looking out for her as she knows what Gary is capable of. When Maria then overhears Gary on the phone saying “you know I love you” she immediately thinks the worst.

FRIDAY 24TH JANUARY 2020 – 2nd episode

The police officer reveals that Jade was found in the ginnel with a head injury and wonders if Fiz can shed any light on the situation. Evelyn assures the officer they’ve no idea what happened. Will Jade pull through and where is Hope?

BETHANY GETS MIXED SIGNALS FROM DANIEL Daniel urges Bethany to spread her wings and apply for a place on a creative writing course. As he helps her with her application, Daniel notices that Bertie doesn’t seem himself and panicking he takes his temperature.

BERNIE FINALLY DOES RIGHT BY HER SON Bernie calls on Paul and explains that she’s moving onto pastures new as she’s caused enough trouble round here. Bernie says an emotional farewell.

TIM’S BID TO GET RID OF CHARLIE FAILS Having borrowed money from Steve and Kevin, Tim hands Charlie a cheque for £5k and urges her to go to the solicitors and sign the divorce papers. But when Tim calls in the Rovers he’s horrified to discover Charlie working behind the bar, what is she up to?

ELSEWHERE Determined to prove they’re now a family, Maria suggests she, Liam and Jake should accompany Gary to Bristol to visit Zack. Gary’s touched.