Parent Not Expected


The body of 19-year-old apprentice electrician Dennis Bayliss is discovered, washed up on the shore of a North Northumberland rural estate. DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) is called to investigate and soon encounters the Walken family, who run a booming salmon farm off the coast of their land. Dennis turns out to be the estranged son of Steph and Rob Bayliss who are left crippled by his death, having lost him once already when he abandoned them to seek out his biological father; Thomas Walken!

Vera discovers tensions and fallouts have been a feature of Dennis’ life since a DNA home-test kit – a gift from his now ex-girlfriend, Phoebe – revealed the secret about his paternity, dropping a genealogical bombshell between the two families. It appears Dennis was caught in a downward emotional spiral, alienating his parents and friends and apparently turning to dealing prescription drugs to supplement his income. But Vera has to look closer at the strained relationships of Dennis’ two families in order to find the truth about his death.


  • Dci Vera Stanhope Is Played By Brenda Blethyn
  • Ds Aiden Healy Is Played By Kenny Doughty
  • Dc Kenny Lockhart Is Played By Jon Morrison
  • Dc Jacquelin Williams Is Played By Ibinabo Jack
  • Pathologist Dr. Malcolm Donahue Is Played By Paul Kaye
  • Dc Mark Edwards Is Played By Riley Jones
  • Vinay Deol Is Played By Harki Bhambra
  • Rob Bayliss Is Played by Stuart Laing
  • David Walken Is Played by Alexander Cobb
  • Julia Walken Is Played by Christine Entwistle
  • Thomas Walken Is Played by Cal MacAninch
  • Phoebe Dwyer Is Played by Iola Evans
  • Liam Dwyer Is Played by Kieran Urquhart
  • Pat Ross Is Played by Janine Leigh
  • Liza Conney Is Played by Mica Ricketts
  • Joshua Walken Is Played by Tom Glenister
  • Dennis Bayliss Is Played by Nathan Horrocks
  • Steph Bayliss Is Played by Martha Cope
  • Joe Barry Is Played by Martin Walsh
  • Jamie Dwyer Is Played by David Rubin
  • Michael Cummings Is Played by Lawrence Walker
  • Waitress Is Played by Chantelle Alle

Vera continues on Sunday 19th January 2020 at 8.10pm on ITV.