On 31 December 1969, as Endeavour sees in the new year – and the new decade – at an opera house in Venice, a murder on an Oxford towpath speaks to Thursday’s intuition, and convinced he has the man responsible, he vows to bring him to justice.

Returning home, Endeavour makes a new acquaintance who provides a welcome opportunity to enjoy a shared love of the opera. Professional relationships, however, begin to show signs of strain when by springtime, no progress has been made in the New Year’s Eve towpath death, and Morse is tasked with reviewing the case.

(Picture: ITV)

At the same time, auditions are underway for an exciting new educational television programme and a fatal battle of the sexes strikes at the heart of a contentious college project, when the whole team apply. Later, when a body is discovered at the college following the first ever Women’s Liberation Movement conference, Endeavour and Thursday are struck by the rampant misogyny that dominates the department.

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Their investigations discover the unusual subject matter at the centre of the team’s work – Extra Sensory Perception – and sceptical of a potential link between the team’s work and a young woman’s apparent troubling premonitions, they are stunned when she claims to have information regarding what happened on the towpath.

(Picture: ITV)


  • DS Endeavour Morse – Shaun Evans
  • DI Fred Thursday – Roger Allam
  • DS Jim Strange – Sean Rigby
  • Win Thursday – Caroline O’Neill
  • Dr Jeremy Kreitsek – Reece Ritchie
  • Mrs Bright – Carol Royle
  • Professor Blish – Angus Wright
  • Dr Naomi Benford – Naomi Battrick
  • Mrs Carlin – Beverley Klein
  • Carl Sturgis – Sam Ferriday
  • Molly Andrews – Lucy Farrar
  • Ludo – Ryan Gage
  • Mrs Blish – Lucy Briers
  • CS Reginald Bright – Anton Lesser
  • Dr Max Debryn – James Bradshaw
  • Dorothea Frazil – Abigail Thaw
  • Saward – John Hales
  • Reet Ellison – Nicola Duffett
  • Bridget Mulcahy – Flora London
  • Violetta – Stephanie Leonidas
  • Jenny Tate – Holli Dempsey
  • Dr Dai Farman – Richard Harrington
  • Tony – Oliver Boot

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