Monday 10th February

Paul and Terese are surprised to see that Jane Harris is back. She seems much perkier, but is vague about why she is in town.

Finn tells Bea and Susan about his issues with his father.

Ned hatches a dangerous plan to keep Zenin at bay and enlists the help of a reluctant Kyle.

(Picture: Channel 5) Jane is back!

Tuesday 11th February

Yashvi is furious with Ned for keeping her in the dark.

A visit to the police reassures Yashvi, but Ned still fears that Zenin is a threat.

Chloe suggests holding a wedding expo at Lassiter’s, but Paul is against the idea.

Teresa bonds with Jane over coffee, but is confused by an unexpected outburst.

(Picture: Channel 5) Jane has an emotional breakdown

Wednesday 12th February

Paul finds Jane in her hotel room clearly upset and berating Chloe. Determined to get the truth out of her, he enlists Dipi’s help.

Karl is keeping Shane up to date on Dipi and Gary’s movements, but when he reports on an excessively cosy moment, Shane does not want to know.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Thursday 13th February

Bea and Elly secretly visit Finn’s father Trent and learn something about the man’s past that could devastate Finn.

Dipi decides to tell her husband that she kissed Gary in a moment of weakness, but Shane already knows, thanks to Karl. Will this be the end of their marriage?

(Picture: Channel 5) I spy!

Friday 14th February

Finn is distraught after hearing what Bea and Elly have to tell him, but resolves to move on.

Shane and Dipi realise that they both want to save their marriage. Shane plans a romantic gesture, but it could be derailed.

Susan offers Jane a job at the school.

Dipi looks into Jane’s dodgy online love interest.

(Picture: Channel 5) Can Finn move on?

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