Pushy Jade continues to try and worm her way into Number 9 and tries via Tyrone who she doesn’t count on him turning her down.

As a new week begins in Coronation Street Tyrone is non-committal when Jade again appears and begs him to let her see Hope. Jade later tries again by arriving at No.9 in the hopes of arranging a visit while explaining it’s her birthday but is quickly given the short shrift by Tyrone.

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Later in the week Tyrone tells Fiz that at Hope’s insistence, he’s bought a cheap bracelet for Jade for her birthday. In the cafe, Hope presents Jade with a homemade birthday card and the bracelet. When Hope reveals the bracelet was Tyrone’s idea, Jade’s thrilled. Jade calls at the garage and thanks Tyrone for the bracelet. But when he is kind to her she takes it the wrong way and going to the house later she makes a pass at him.

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When Tyrone catches up with Jade in Victoria Garden and explains in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t love her and he’s happy with Fiz. Fiz appears and threatens to knock her out.

Has Jade pushed them too far?

Coronation Street airs these scenes from Monday 2nd March on ITV.