When a homeless man is shot in the deserted mansion of one of Bath’s most prominent industrialists, the inventor Max Crockett, newly arrived Londoner DCI McDonald and long-serving DS Dodds rally together to try and discover the killer.

In the Crockett family, they find an outwardly perfect, close-knit group with three successful daughters in loving relationships, devoid of any obvious motive to murder, but it soon becomes apparent that each have their own secrets to hide. Faced with evasive suspects and a seemingly inexplicable crime, they quickly learn that not all is as it seems in the House of Crockett.


  • Sebastian Knapp As Seth Murdoch
  • Robert Lindsay As Max Crockett
  • Natalie Mendoza As Mathilde Crockett
  • Jason Watkins As Ds Dodds
  • Pearl Chanda As Dc Laura Simpson
  • Jack Riddiford As Dc Darren Craig
  • Tala Gouveia As Dci Mcdonald
  • James Murray As Cs Houseman
  • Rosalie Craig As Megan Wattal
  • Susannah Fielding As Tamara Valentine
  • Jack Ashton As Jack Valentine
  • Roger Evans As Mikey Wallace
  • Navin Chowdhry As Pete Wattal
  • Ellie Kendrick As Elenora Crockett
  • Cassie Bradley As Kasha Perry

McDonald & Dodds starts at 8pm on ITV from Sunday 1st March.