Tuesday March 3rd

Berni is still trying to reach Evan to tell him her news. In true Ros an Rún style, someone lets her secret out before she has a chance to speak to him. To Berni’s surprise, Evan is ecstatic about having a new brother or sister. Life couldn’t get any better for Berni, but Beware the Ides of March, tragedy strikes and leaves her heartbroken. How will Berni recover from this? Bobbi Lee has her own worries. She is still in shock by yesterday’s news.

(Picture: TG4)

Thursday March 5th

Berni and Briain are both heartbroken about her miscarriage. They want to come to terms about this tragedy but it only drives them both apart. Bobbi Lee comes to Bernie’s rescue, but by cancelling her dinner with Nathan, this puts a strain on their new found friendship. Will Bobbi Lee’s kindness to Berni manage to destroy her relationship with her son. Frances is feeling unwell and Malachaí wants to nurse her back to health. After much persuasion and a lot of resistance from Frances he succeeds in getting his own way.

(Picture: TG4)

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