Tuesday 3rd March

With Dylan’s blessing and backing, Fflur decides that she must tell Llew the truth about her illness. Breaking the news to Llew is the hardest thing Fflur has had to do so far; an act that is deeply upsetting for both her and her son.

Robbie and Owain are worried that Mali has met someone online and her vague explanation does not convince them otherwise.

Dani is forced to venture out of the house, and as the pressure and questioning increases from all directions, she finally declares that Jac has been unfaithful.

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Thursday 5th March

Following Dani’s confession about Jac’s affair, a lot of things finally make sense to many people regarding her unexpected return home. As Lowri tries to support her during her heartbreak, it leads to a difficult situation for another couple.

Robbie and Owain are still convinced that Mali is risking her safety by keeping in touch with her new online friend, and Mali finds herself having to lie more and more in order to keep her secret quiet – but at whose expense?

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