Monday 17th August 2020

It’s the day of the wedding but both the bride and groom are late. Having witnessed the closeness between Sarah and Gary, David tells Gary he needs to make a decision about whether he loves Sarah or Maria.

Gemma meets up with Vanessa and apologises for her Mum’s behaviour.

When Tim finds out about how Geoff spoke to Sally he tells his dad that he doesn’t want to be piggy in the middle any longer and he and Sally are going away to stay with Gina for a while.

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Abi promises Seb that she’ll meet him later to say their final goodbyes to Charlie and Lexi. Kevin heads out to a breakdown leaving Abi alone in the garage. As Abi works on a car the engine slips trapping her arm.

When Paul suggests he’d like to do something for his 30th birthday, Billy makes out he won’t be able to make it as he’s hosting an online quiz for the church.

Sarah’s fuming when she overhears Paul and Alina gossiping about the state of her marriage.

Having planted a bag of fake cash in Victoria Garden, Mary, Sean and Billy watch with baited breath for Todd to turn up.

Friday 21st August 2020

Nicky arrives for her appointment at Daniel’s flat. She’s taken aback to discover he’s cooked them a meal. As Daniel hands her Sinead’s cardigan, Nicky masks her discomfort. Telling Daniel that his time is up, Nicky suggests that he’d be better off talking to friends and family rather than wasting his money on her. But as she leaves, it’s clear Daniel’s only got eyes for Nicky.

Paul calls at the kebab shop and tells Bernie and Cathy that Gemma’s been acting weirdly and he’s worried she’s suffering from postnatal depression again. Bernie and Cathy voice Paul’s concerns to Gemma.

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