Goodbye Dave and hello Channel 4 as the brilliant gameshow Taskmaster makes the moves after 9 series. Series 10 began this week and despite having no audience due to the current shitstorm we find ourselves in nothing has changed.

For those that don’t know the show or haven’t started watching Taskmaster, I mean seriously you are missing out, Taskmaster takes a bunch of people and sets them to do tasks. Overseen by Greg Davies and ‘little’ Alex Horne who rank them on the outcome.

Think of this like I’m a celebrity, only funny, and with people you would have a laugh with.

Alex Horne (Picture: Channel 4)

It took the first part of the episode 1 to convince me that despite the move after 5 years the show is still as funny, whacky and unpredictable as always. Nothing has changed in quality, thankfully.

Taskmaster for me holds happy memories after I took part in filming for a task in Series 7 and got to throw tennis balls at Rhod Gilbert.

Me and Alex Horne (Picture:

A few years ago when it was annouced that Channel 4 had aquired The Great British Bake Off I admit I moaned espcially with the move from the BBC. As it turns out I didn’t need to worry about my favourite telly baking show as it has gone from strength to strength. That show survived and thrived and I have no doubts this will do the same.

Head to ALL4 to watch the Taskmaster boxset and episode 2 of the new series airs Channel 4 Thursday 22 Oct, 9pm.