In her battle to fight for Oliver, Leanne Battersby faces the hardest day next week as her and Steve McDonald unite to say goodbye to him as he passes away.

With Steve intent on stopping her appeal and opting to sue the hospital for negligence Leanne is dealt a further blow when Imran and Elliott inform her that they are no longer prepared to represent her.

Undeterred from this setback Leanne takes matters into her own hands and contacts solicitor after solicitor who all refuse to take on the case. Toyah tries to help Leanne see how hard it was for Imran to come to this decision but a livid Leanne only ends up accusing Toyah of stabbing her in the back.

Concern for Oliver grows on Wednesday when the hospital inform Leanne they want to run some liver function tests on him. When Imran once again refuses to help, even as a friend, a desperate Leanne pushes over a filing cabinet and locks the door.

Having barricaded them into the office, Leanne orders Imran to call Elliot. Having been summoned by Imran, Nick and Toyah implore Leanne to let them in. Imran drags the filing cabinet out of the way and opens the door. In the hospital, Oliver suddenly arrests. Steve implores Leanne to put an end to Oliver’s suffering and let him die with dignity. Leanne announces to Steve and Toyah that she’s dropped her Appeal.

Standing united Steve and Leanne know the day has come to say goodbye to their son. Leanne returns home to collect Oliver’s favourite pyjamas and as Nick tells her it’s time to return to hospital a broken Leanne admits she can’t do it.

Later, having returned to the hospital, it’s a solemn atmosphere as Steve and Leanne sing “You are my Sunshine”. With Nick and Tracy listening outside it’s heart-breaking as the singing stops and they know Oliver has died.

Returning home Leanne curls up on Oliver’s bed where she bursts into tears.

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 23 November 2020 on ITV.