Doctors: S21E155 – All The Single Ladies
Thursday 19 November 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Caroline Slater
  • Written by Kate Davidson
  • Directed by Peter Fearon
  • The Mill team eagerly await Ruhma’s return.
  • Al tries to process his bonkers and life-changing decision.
  • Valerie has her eyes opened when she receives an invite to an unusual wedding.

To everyone’s delight and relief, a nervous Ruhma arrives back to work. Ruhma meets her new Supervisory Midwife, Doreen Winters who she finds intimidating and shares her frustrations with Al before telling Daniel that she’s not happy and is going to give it a week – Daniel encourages her to give Doreen a chance and believe in herself.

Al is still processing his engagement to Lily but when she asks if they made a mistake he says no and that he couldn’t be happier although he also admits that he hasn’t had a chance to tell his Mum yet.

Valerie is delighted when ex-colleague Rona Jefferson gives her a wedding invite but is shocked by what Rona reveals.

Valerie is even more shocked by the £16,000 cost of the wedding.


  • Adrian Lewis Morgan as Dr Jimmi Clay
  • Ayesha Antoine as Janet Poulson
  • Bharti Patel as Ruhma Carter
  • Caroline Sheen as Rona Jefferson
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Elizabeth Conboy as Debbie Freitas
  • Elizabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr Zara Charmichael
  • Ian Midlane as Dr Al Haskey
  • Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins
  • Matthew Chambers as Dr Daniel Granger
  • Prue Clarke as Doreen Winters
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman
  • Sunjay Midda as Shak Hanif
  • Verity Rushworth as Lily Walker