With a long and varied history spanning almost 5 decades Emmerdale is bound to have a few mishaps happen when filming the show.

This Tuesday (24 November) Emmerdale: Soapy slip-ups delves into the archive to show us just what can go wrong. Everything from the weather to the animals can all make filming a simple scene a nightmare.

  • What did Paddy Kirk actor Dominic Brunt screw up when he began on the show?
  • What did Moses actor Arthur Cockroft do to hold up a scene?
  • And what blooper is legendary among the cast?

Flying umbrellas; airborne French sticks and fake handcuffs are just a few of the malfunctioning props the cast have to deal with, not to mention missed cues, corpsing and forgotten lines.

  • Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Thomas)
  • Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden)
  • Lucy Pargeter (Chas Dingle)
  • Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe)
  • Bhasker Patel (Rishi Sharma)
  • Chris Bisson (Jai Sharma) are a few who will guide us through their greatest slip ups in Britain’s most beloved village.

Emmerdale Soapy slip-ups airs Tuesday 24 November at 7.30 on ITV.