In this special 60th Anniversary week three one hour episodes will bring stories to a gripping climax and launch new ones to take us into 2021 and beyond.

Monday December 7th

Leanne packs the last of her things and tells Nick she’s going to stay with Eva in France. Nick’s devastated.

Wednesday December 9th

SAM REACHES OUT TO LEANNE Leanne assures Toyah she needs a fresh start in France, away from reminders of Oliver. Natasha brings Sam to see Nick to apologise for gatecrashing Oliver’s memorial. They are shocked to hear that Leanne’s left him and is moving away. Sam decides to try and intervene and sends a message from Nick’s phone.

Friday December 11th

Leanne’s taken aback when Sam recites a list of reasons she might grow to like him if she sticks around.

These scenes air from Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 7.30pm on ITV.