Monday December 14th

TIM IS MOVING TOO FAST Sally and Tim are pleased when Faye announces she’s no longer going to work for Ray, unaware of the real reason behind her decision. Tim and Elaine decide to see more of each other but Elaine’s startled when Tim invites her to move into No.4. 

DEBBIE CONTINUES WITH HER PLANS Debbie tries to persuade Gary to reconsider withdrawing the sale of Underworld but Gary refuses to do business with Ray as he’s a sex pest leaving Debbie frustrated.

TODD GOES SNOOPING When Todd reveals the shower at No.11 is out of action, Paul hands him the keys to his flat and tells him to use theirs. Todd seizes the opportunity to have a snoop. Returning home unexpectedly, Billy’s sceptical of Todd’s explanation for being in the flat. Can Todd win him round?

Monday December 14th

ELAINE FEARS SHE’S NOT WELCOME Sally thinks Tim’s rushing to replace his dad by asking Elaine to move in. Tim’s adamant it’s a good idea and tells Sally he wants to fight to reverse the sale of No.4. Elaine calls at No.4 but is wary as a slightly manic Tim seems determined to make up for their lost years all at once.  

FAYE AND RAY FEEL THE PRESSURE Ray finds Faye in Victoria Gardens where she accuses him of trying to rape her. Maria arrives and sends Ray away with a flea in his ear then begs Faye to report him to the police before Gary gets to him. Terrified of her fling with Ray coming out, Faye refuses.

ELSEWHERE Billy assures Todd it’s fine for him to visit Summer at the flat and it won’t be awkward between them. Todd’s satisfied to have won Billy’s trust.

Wednesday December 16th

DEBBIE COMES UP WITH A NEW PLAN Gary heads off with David and Abi to track down Colin, the water board engineer Ray bribed to investigate the sinkhole. As David and Abi report that Colin has vanished, a smug Ray relishes their frustration. Debbie tells Ray that riling the locals is getting them nowhere so it’s time to adopt a different approach. 

PAUL BEGINS TO TRUST IN TODD Todd calls on Paul, having learned he’s skiving off work. Paul admits he had a tough night on the helpline so Todd makes himself comfy and cracks open the lager. Over a few cans, Paul begins to relax but is brought up short by a sudden reminder of Kel. Sensing vulnerability, Todd insists Paul can trust him with his troubles.

ELAINE IS CONFLICTED Elaine confides in Alya her reservations about moving in with Tim and how she’s reluctant to let him feel he’s being rejected by her again. Alya urges her to be honest.

Wednesday December 16th

DEBBIE IS ON TO RAY’S LIES Ray’s furious with Debbie for failing to consult him about the revised development and tells her that from now on, he makes the decisions. 

SIMON BLAMES CARLA FOR PETER’S RELAPSE Carla begs Peter to let her help him but Simon makes it clear she’s no longer welcome. Picking up her holdall, Carla heads out upset. Simon calls in the cafe and tears a strip off Carla, blaming her for causing Peter to hit the bottle again. Carla feels terrible. 

TODD GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO BE HELPFUL Todd scans the helpline website and suggests to Paul that he’d like to sign up as a volunteer too. With Todd gone, Billy admits he’s suspicious of Todd’s motives.

ELAINE AND TO VOW TO MOVE FORWARD Elaine assures Tim that she’ll always be there for him but they should take things more slowly. Tim suggests to Faye that now she’s out of work, they should resurrect their window cleaning round.

SARAH POINTS THE FINGER AT GARY In a bid to get back at Gary Sarah calls Crimestoppers and tells them she knows where a corpse is buried and who put it there.

Friday December 18th

WHERE THERE’S A ‘WILL’ TODD FINDS A WAY When Todd receives an email from the helpline inviting him in for a chat, Paul offers to accompany him. In the helpline centre, Paul takes a call from a very distressed kid called Will. Will begs Paul for his personal phone number. Paul eventually caves in and Todd clocks their exchange. Todd quizzes Paul about the lad who keeps phoning him at the helpline centre. Paul calls Will back and under pressure, agrees to meet up with him. Paul hangs up knowing that he’s getting in far too deep. Paul meets up with Will and explains that he can’t get personally involved as he’d lose his job. Will turns on his heel and heads off leaving Paul feeling wretched. 

SHONA AND SIMON HAVE THEIR OWN LOCK IN When Shona sees Ray drop his keys she pockets them and persuades Simon to join her for drinks, as they mix cocktails Shona realises she has lost the keys and they are locked in and she calls David who is the Rovers with a very flirty Daisy. David tells Shona to do a proper search. 

THE POLICE ARE KEEPING A WATCH ON GARY As Gary busies himself in the furniture shop, he’s brought up short by the news on the radio that the police are searching Beacon Woods for a body. Meanwhile encouraged by Brian, Bernie calls at the police station and tells them about the watch, how Gary was desperate to get his hands on it. Gary confronts Sarah and accuses her of shopping him to the police. Sarah denies it.

ELSEWHERE Debbie assures Ray that she’s back on board and the more properties they can demolish, the better. Toyah shares her good news with Leanne, that she and Imran have been accepted as foster parents. Leanne assures Toyah she’s pleased for her.

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