Doctors: S21E168 – Home Truths
Monday 14 December 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Caroline Slater
  • Written by Dale Overton
  • Directed by Daniel Wilson

Emma’s caught between helping an anxious bride-to-be or a mother in need of emergency housing.

Emma’s new guest Melissa Howard, a young bride-to-be, is stressed about her upcoming wedding. With her fiancé stuck in Prague, her father ill at home and her bridesmaids nowhere to be found, she breaks out in blotches due to all the stress – which makes her even more anxious!

Danni calls Aunty Em’s radio show – aptly themed around stress – lamenting the bad treatment she received from the council, who are sending her and her son to a filthy B&B.


  • Bethane Cullinane as Melissa Howard
  • Dani Moseley as Danni Colton
  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr Zara Carmichael
  • Hakim Kassama as Oscar Colton
  • Patrick Toomey as Tim Gilcrest